Nice Tony Computer Technician & Website Designer
It won't start, keeps crashing or is running very slowly? Overheating, Beeping Noise, Lights Flashing? Dont Panic !
Adding more RAM Memory will greatly improve the performance ! Latest Game a bit sluggish ? A new Videocard will work wonders. Short of Space? Large Hard Drives are now very reasonably priced.
Get your new Broadband DSL or Fibre Optic 'BOX' Connected. Your Wifi network running. Internet phone through all your wall sockets or WPS, On-Line TV in every room, UK TV in France, no problem.
Repair or re-install your Windows or change the Language. Upgrade to Windows10 or go back to Windows 7. Try out Linux for a change? Get the latest versions of your favorite programs.
Need help with a problem, advice on how to get the best from your computer or a program? Tuition on Windows, Office, Photoshop etc. How to make your own Music, Videos or Websites & much more.

Having problems with your machine?

I will come to your home or office at a time to suit you, or you can drop off your computer with me in Nice.

Need some advice or training?

I won't blind you with science or make you do a long complicated training course. Just tell me what you want to do and i'll show you how. Then i'll give you a printed sheet so you can practice on your own. I will come to your home/office or use e-mail/Skype and then follow up with questions answered via email, free of charge.

for Repairs & Servicing :

Your Place*... You will be charged 40 euros for up to 2 hours, then 15 euros per hour.

Or Mine... If you want to drop off your machine in Nice its just 15 euros per hour.

I will give a quote/estimate if possible.

*within 10km of Nice, I am happy to come further for additional fee.

Training, Tips and Advice:

Your place or On-line... Fee negotiable depending on subject and your location.

Click the enquiry button below, e-mail or phone me with details of your computer and the problem. Perhaps it can be resolved without a call out.


PS. Write down or print out my phone number. If your computer won't start one day, you won't have access to this page !